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Why Should I Participate




Expo Inmobiliaria ACOBIR is an event organized by the leader Guild in Real Estate, the Panamanian Association of real Estate Brokers and Development (ACOBIR), founded in 1973.  Expo Inmobiliaria ACOBIR has become the showcase of property offers in all categories.

Purchasers, professionals and investors, all in one place: Expo Inmobiliaria ACOBIR is the event where everyone has the great opportunity to make that contact they are looking for:

B2C – Business to Consumers

B2B – Business to Business

B2I – Business to Investors

The Expo has proven to promote products, services, companies and brands successfully.

The concept of having supply and demand in one place is still one of the most efficient commercial trade mechanisms.

The Expo offers direct and personal contact with a large number of qualified buyers, which in turn allows offering products and services as well as influencing buyers` willingness to buy in a planned, dynamic and stimulating environment. All this is complemented by conferences that provide participants aggregate values such as industry updates and training:

•    85% of decision makers acknowledge that assisting the Expo saves time and money, since all sellers are in  the same place at the same time.

•    79% of the assistant`s state that visiting the Expo helps them decide what products or service to buy.

•    91% of assistants state that the Expo impacts their buying decision because competition is in the same place, which allows real time evaluations.

•    Expo costs 38% less than direct sales strategies such as telemarketing.

•    Expo visitors share their experience with more than six persons (networking multiplying effect).

•    81% of assistants state that the Expo helped them learn about new products and services.

•    The Expo is the #1 marketing investment that supports sales, above specialized publications, the Internet, promotions and public relations. 91% of assistants confirm they obtain more useful information to buy, at Expo Events.