Panama is more than just a canal! Panama is a paradise for investment, a country of service, a canal between two oceans as a service for the entire world. The most famous international hotel chains, convention centers and sustainable ecotourism in its full development stage, all of this and more: PANAMA.

Everything in Panama is near and accessible. It is a connectivity center with daily flights to and from the United States, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, with more than 100 banks, commercial and industrial centers where you can buy and sell all kinds of world renowned merchandise with the best prices, making Panama an international business center.

Panama is the most globalized country in Latin America. It has a stable economy based on the dollar, a democratic government, a strategic geographical position, the largest free zone in the continent, a Canal, a modern port system, a cosmopolitan city, beaches and islands in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans along with exotic jungles, mountains and a volcano.



Panama offers a wide range of tourist activities that can be enjoyed by all who visit the country. The most recognized and iconic site of the country is the Panama Canal; you can see the visitor center at the Miraflores Locks and learn more about its history and operation. The Bio-museum, designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry is another attraction, but if you're looking for history and culture, places like the Old Town “Panama Viejo” and the Indigenous Community are suggested.

By trade and port activity, Panama is recognized as having exclusive malls of the most important brands and worldwide stores.

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